ITW Switches

About Us

Founded in the 1950's, our business based in Portsmouth UK, designs and manufactures the world renowned product brands of ITW Switches, ITW McMurdo Connectors and ITW ERG Components.

From standard products to bespoke customer designs, and from electro-mechanical to full electronic software driven solutions, our business is here to develop your business.

We are a worldwide group, part of ITW Ltd, and are present across five continents through our select network of Distribution Partners. With production plants in Europe, North America and Asia, ITW Switches have the ability and logistics to fulfil your needs whenever and wherever you want them.

Within our wide portfolio we can ensure that if you want to switch it, control it, sense it, and/or interact with it, we can fulfil your requirements.

Our latest technologies ensure that we can take you beyond traditional, single input/single output switching, to state of the art, software driven, intelligent thinking touch sensors, linked to systems of your choice.

Our technical in house design capabilities harness both the appreciation and usage of acoustic, capacitive and inductive switching ensuring that we have the correct solution for your design wants and needs.

Closely linked with our own ITW Technology Centre in Chicago, USA, our Research and Development team are constantly innovating new and exciting ways of bringing reliable, functional and robust resolutions to traditional human interface design restrictions.

Our standard products and bespoke designs can be found in some of the most demanding applications from automotive through aerospace, material handling, industrial automation, mining, marine and security/access to name but a few.

Our professional design team benefit from in-house rapid prototyping equipment for the fast and accurate production of both mechanical and PCB components of our designs. Backed by full Solidworks design systems and a professional model shop we can produce working prototypes in reduced lead times quantified on full project timing plans as agreed with our customers.

Our Company evolves constantly within an environment of Continuous Improvement, with the majority of our production staff qualified to NVQ status.

This not only includes the obvious disciplines of Quality, Cost and Delivery, but also the equally important aspects of ownership, empowerment and recognition amongst our dedicated teams.

All ITW Switch, McMurdo and ERG products are RoHS compliant and manufactured under our ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation, capable of being tested to all relevant major British and European specifications.